Disclaimer: This blog is for the disaffected liberal.

To put the following posts into a comprehensible context: I am a twenty-five-year-old liberal Humanist with an MSc in international politics, who has long felt ostracised by the petty rivalries and lack of choice in the 2¼-party system that we have in the UK. Educated in an environment largely saturated with theocentric Tory ideals, I quickly realised that its value system was in no way my own and have progressively shifted leftwards. I have been trying for more than a year to find gainful employment in Westminster Village and have decided to publish my various frustrations with occurring events for all to see.

Right from the outset, I will make no apology for my political views. I feel (as most typically do of their own) that they are valid, and that our system has serious, inherent, chronic flaws if someone as moderate (albeit vocal) as I feels unrepresented. After all: what is the political Holy Grail, if not securing consensus in the centre ground through informed debate?

Those on the fringes (those with views too left- or right-wing for any self-respecting representative with viable career aspirations to get near) will have to look elsewhere. Because this is a blog for the disaffected, but not the extreme. This is a blog to see if there are any others out there who feel like they fall through the ideological cracks over which our system blithely paves, whose views are not effectively represented by any political party, and who face the choice between ‘supporting’ a party whose actions become difficult to justify or disenfranchisement, apathy, and a lonely, empty ballot paper.

To me, Liberalism means abandoning preconceived judgements of others (especially those mandated by self-aggrandising, external moral authorities); reacting to linguistic and cultural distinctiveness, not with fear, but profound interest and a willingness to learn; and taking pride in holding lofty aspirations for change. New discoveries in technology and methods of communication are opening up vast swathes of new possibilities for development in an inordinate range of areas: from political participation to healthcare, civil rights to educational practices, environmental protection to infrastructure, the potential for bettering ourselves and the world in which we live is growing at an exponential rate.

The past few years have seen some wonderfully progressive steps undertaken by various governments, as well as some woefully anachronistic reactionary politics, dredged from the barrel-bottom of respective conservative arsenals in times of crisis. Because the world can be a scary place, true. But by the same token, that which is alien is not always fear inducing; differences (in language, culture, politics, values, traditions) can also be awe-inspiringly fascinating.

My aim in this blog is to share my thoughts on political issues as they arise, predominantly in the UK, and promote a firebrand liberal vision of the way in which the country should be going. Agree with an article? Disagree? Feel like a disaffected liberal yourself? Comment.